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Using the latest in AI technologies, we help you craft a professional resume in seconds!

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Applying for a job? Bring over the job description and we will rewrite your resume and custom generate a cover letter to showcase why you’re a perfect fit for the position!

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Rapid Resume is the one stop shop to help you fill in the gaps on your resume, helping you find that job you’ve been searching for!



  • What Kind of AI Technology does RapidResume Use?

    RapidResume incorporates the latest innovations in the AI space including those from OpenAI, Bard, Open-Source LLM’s and any other technology that can benefit the users of our platform

  • How does RapidResume work?

    You start by creating a resume with the platform, which takes seconds by answering four questions in plain text. We do all the heavy lifting for you!

  • What features are offered by RapidResume?

    We help you create your perfect resume in seconds, we also have a Resume Evaluator that helps you fill in the gaps, the ‘Find my Perfect Job’ feature which reviews your resume and gives you the top suggested jobs that match ...

  • How much is RapidResume?

    It’s free to try but to use all the amazing features RapidResume offers it is $19.99 a month.

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